First Marketplace Franchise in the World

Ícone Intro is a Global System of permanent management of leftovers and idleness for organizations, operating in 4 languages.

TheScrapDealer was born after visiting 1.500 companies in 24 countries and all of them with the same problems:

- Obsolete Stocks;
- Waste Generation;
- Idle Machines;
- Machines Rejected by Legislation; is recognized by the UN as a Global Compact Partner

We are one of the 12,000 organizations worldwide recognized by the UN as a transforming agent of the world.

What does the Franchisee of do? encourages the meeting between companies , through a network of business opportunities, in a innovative digital platform which aims to contribute to operational efficiency.

However, companies would have to designate employees to register and advertise their products on the site. This is where the FRANCHISEE takes place!

The Franchisee will be a Remainder and Discontinued Projects Manager of companies, assisting them in the product ad process.


The financial return of the Franchise is through sale of subscripton plans and participation in auction rounds announced by its clients on The Franchisee receives:

- 40% about selling ad plans;
- 0,60% about auctioned auctions;

Creating one of the most cost-effective Global systems with Low Investment.

Join our franchise network and get out of the way!


Wheter for financial reasons or legislation, any company needs as a partner.

Garbage, Scrap and Waste

ALL companies are obliged to give destination to their scrap or waste.

Companies are fined every day for not giving the correct destination to their trash or waste.

Obsolete Stocks

All projects are part of a cycle: beginning, growth, maturity and decline. Upon reaching the declining stage of a project, the company has two options:

1 - Stop buying or producing products, and also fail to attend the demand or;
2 - Stocking products and attend demand, but taking the risk of having to manage scraps.

This causes any company to ALWAYS have stationary stock.
Gráfico de maturidade de projetos

Idle Machines

The machines were made to work 24 hours a day, but in most cases they work only a few hours, and stay idle the rest of the time.

Why not monetize the hours of these idle machines?

This generates more money for the one who makes the machine available, and less cost for the one who hires it!

Non-Legislation Machines

In some countries, such as Brazil, laws and norms change with some frequency.

Thereby, machines that are new suffer the risk of being rendered useless by a law.

In Brazil, when the NR12 standard was applied, thousands of machines had to be deactivated, making the country the largest machine cemetery in the world.

The only way to get rid of these machines is through export, and the only tool for that is!

Logo Ecofriendly

We are worried about the World!

In our soul is the awareness of the people for a better world.
Through we stimulate the circular economy, saving natural resources and encouraging environmental education in people, allowing a balance between society and business.

Among the 17 goals created by the UN for a better world, acts directly in six of them:

Objective 8: Decent work and economic growth

Objective 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Objective 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Objective 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Objective 13: Action Against Global Climate Change

Objective 17: Partnerships and Means of Implementation

And be part of a better world!

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Our system is based by the best franchise systems of the world.

The investment is calculated on the basis in the number of companies on the location of your choice.

Quick Point of Financial Balance and PayBack.

What you need to Be a Franchisee

Ícone Intro

To become a franchisee of, you will need to:

- Registered Company;
- Commercial Room;
- Working Capital;
- Desire to change the world;

Your comercial room you will choose, not needing to be a central area of your city!

Reasons to be a Franchisee

Join a new market with no competitor

Low Cost of Operation

Training with constant updates

Quick support

Investment according to the potential of the city

Commercial Room at the choice of the franchisee

Any company needs

Your work can't be replaced by a machine.

Modern and Highly Scalable Company