THE MARKETPLACE PLATFORM THESCRAPDEALER.COM is a digital business platform aimed at solving the problems of high inventory levels, waste and machine idle time. The company directly connects sellers and buyers from all over the world, making selling and negotiating materials easier and benefitting all the parties involved. Launched in February 2016, the website allows companies to negotiate inventory and waste through sales, donations, exchanges and auctions, as well as offer machine idle times, generating revenue for the company. In return, buyers can find negotiable products at reduced prices.


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Structured around sustainability and circular economy, acknowledges there is a growing need for the reuse of waste generated by companies. With this ideal in mind, the platform boosts the commercialization of these products, extending their life cycle. On this basis, grants users who negotiate within the website the EcoFriendly Seal, which certifies these users' socio-environmental commitment and awareness.

TRUSTED BY ALL has been featured in the Business, Innovation and Technology media. The platform saw a growth of 35% in 2016 and caught the attention of several media outlets. Exame, Info Money, Zero Hora, Terra and Estadão have all highlighted our main goal of helping buyers and sellers find each other and make deals at below market rates with dead stock or scrap and other items that need a destination.

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