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This Privacy Policy describes the practices of OSUCATEIRO LOCAÇÃO DE ESPAÇOS EM SITE NA INTERNET LTDA. (OSUCATEIRO), enrolled with the CNPJ/MF [Corporate Taxpayer ID] under No. 23.330.687/0001-29, in relation to data collected through the websites,; and, in which any person (individual or legal entity) with full legal capacity or who has not previously been disabled (USER) can register, create an account, publish or view ads and offers.

This Policy applies to data that qualifies the USER individually (Personal Data) and other data provided by the user or collected during the use on the SITE(S).

In all cases, OSUCATEIRO will comply with all legislation applicable to data protection in the jurisdictions in which the service is provided.

This Privacy Policy is subject to the Brazilian laws.

The use of the services and tools integrated by OSUCATEIRO means that the USER has read, understood and consented to this Privacy Policy, and the terms of use of each Service and Site that the USER accesses or uses (Terms and Conditions of Use).

The USER shall be aware that the SITE may occasionally contain links to third party websites and that upon accessing them, the USER may be directed to pages of other companies outside the SITE hosting environment, where the information collected is outside our direct control.

The proprietary or third-party applications privacy policy will regulate the information obtained by these third parties on the USER in those situations, when the USER is responsible to check such policies before the use of the sites mentioned above.


2.1.     Consent.

The use of the service (s) provided by OSUCATEIRO implies the USER’s consent for collecting, storing and using the personal information provided and its updates, traffic data, IP addresses, among others.

The USER hereby authorizes OSUCATEIRO to, at its discretion, preserve, store all advertisements and/or content submitted to the SITE, as well as all of his/her personal data and other information provided and/or collected.

2.2.     Account information.

After creating an account on the SITE, OSUCATEIRO may request some information, such as an email address and password. In addition, the USER may be required to create an account that includes information such as his/her location, CPF [Individual Taxpayer ID] or CNPJ [Corporate Taxpayer ID], telephone number, interests and related information, including photos/images that he/she may wish to publish. This information is required to enable and improve the Service provided to the USER and to comply with the TERMS OF USE.

2.3.     Information availability.

Any information made available by the USER at publicly available profiles is at his/her own risk. For this reason, the USER shall consider the risks of making certain statements or publishing personal information – especially information such as address or precise location. That is because another User may copy/take a Picture of his/her messages and share them with other Users or even outside the SITE.

OSUCATEIRO will not take any responsibility for messages or acts of third parties that occur as a result of the information that the USER has made publicly available to third parties or shared with any person or with another User.

2.4.     Authentication Services.

Whenever any USER has decided to login at OSUCATEIRO through a third-party authentication service, such as Facebook Connect, OSUCATEIRO may receive additional profile information or other information authorized by the provider.

2.5.     Research tools.

When posting an ad on OSUCATEIRO, the USER understands that ads and content may be publicly accessible to third parties and may be listed as results of search tools such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, among others, and at the cache of these search tools, feeds and other website, by commercial agreements between OSUCATEIRO and other service providers. The USER understands that it is the responsibility of each of these search tools, websites or RSS resources to keep their indexes and cache updated and remove the Contents of their indexes and cache, since OSUCATEIRO has no influence on them.

2.6.     Advertisements and Transactions.

OSUCATEIRO may store and send the information provided by the USER to its business partners and affiliates, including personal information and contact information.

Any information the USER shares in ads is at his/her own risk. In addition, the USER shall carefully consider the risks of leaving certain information – especially personal information, such as address – publicly available in the advertisement.

2.7.     Marketing and promotions.

OSUCATEIRO may collect personal information such as name and contact information when the USER participates in a quiz or other marketing actions sponsored by OSUCATEIRO or on third party websites.

OSUCATEIRO may process, directly or through third parties, the information related to the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns, including checking which ads were viewed and clicked on both the SITE and third parties’ sites.

2.8.     Payment processing.

OSUCATEIRO may use outsourced online payment management companies.

The USER must be aware that such companies may collect and store the USER’s information and personal data.

OSUCATEIRO does not process payments directly and does not store the USER’s credit card information.

2.9.     Customer Service.

If the USER wishes to contact the customer service department (“Contact Us”), OSUCATEIRO may collect the personal information required to fill out the request, in order to contact the USER if a follow-up is necessary.

OSUCATEIRO may also contact the USER using the contact information provided at the time of the initial registration.

2.10.  Site and mobile device data.

OSUCATEIRO may automatically receive and record information on its servers over the USER’s browser or device, including the IP address, software and hardware attributes, mobile device identifiers, application usage information, and other device and system information.

When using OSUCATEIRO application, the USER may have his/her data collected for advertising purposes on the device, including the Android, iOS Advertising Identifier or other similar operating systems, as well as location data received from the sensors device. In addition to this data, there is also a data collection about advertising on the device, including clicks from the device, impressions, and time spent on advertising. In compliance with the transparency requirements, OSUCATEIRO informs that the following data may be collected: a) Anonymous device advertising identifiers, attributes of the mobile device and applications installed on the device; b) Data of the device sensors; c) Anonymous device location data via GPS or cell phone network.

Assuming that communications between USERS shall necessarily be performed through the SITE, the exchanged messages shall be stored on OSUCATEIRO servers to comply with the applicable legislation and to improve the quality of the Services. The USER shall consider the risks of making certain statements or providing personal information in such means of communication, since another USER may copy/take a picture of his/her messages and share them with other USERS or off the Site. OSUCATEIRO is not responsible for actions or messages from third parties.

The USER is aware that the use of the Sites, regardless of the registration, implies acceptance of the applicable Terms of Use and this Policy, as well as that OSUCATEIRO may send notifications and emails to the USER about ad promotions and special contents. In order not to receive such messages, the USER must proceed in accordance with the opt-out instructions in the messages.


The IP address and other data relating to the USER connection may be used to customize the service and understand how USERS use the SITE.

It is reserved to OSUCATEIRO to block the access to the USERS’ SITE allocated in some countries, identified according to the IP used.

OSUCATEIRO may collect certain information through technologies such as tags, cookies, pixels and local storage (such as browser or device), which may be used in the Sites, regardless of the USER registration.

Tags are tools used to measure clicks on certain sections and specific links to the Sites.

Cookies are small text files that store information on your computer, mobile phone, or other local device.

Pixels are small images that are part of codes on internet pages that do things like allow another server to measure the display of a web page and are often used together with the cookies. The code tracks whether and when (and on which page) a pixel is loaded to indicate that a user has engaged with a page or a specific portion of a page.

With the help of cookies, the internet server may save, for example, preferences and settings on the user’s computer, mobile phone or other device, which are automatically restored on the next visit. Or, to put the question in other terms, cookies are used, among other things, to make the use of the SITE friendlier.

OSUCATEIRO may allow third parties, such as advertising and statistical service providers, collect information using such technology directly on our Sites. The data collected is subject to the privacy policy applicable to these third parties, while OSUCATEIRO recommends reading the Third-Party Privacy Policy before using our Services and accepting this Privacy Policy. Below is a list of third parties on our site.

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Smartlook
  • Google Optimize
  • Hotjar
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter 
  • Linkedin
  • Iugu Cobranças
  • Pipedrive
  • Drip
  • Bitrix


In order to provide the service, OSUCATEIRO may use the information collected and stored, including the USER’s Data, for the following purposes:

  • Provide customer with services, including creating and managing USER accounts, resolving technical difficulties, and enabling or disabling features;
  • Customize offers and experiences;
  • Follow up the general and individual activity of the USER, including keyword searches, postings and transactions, as well as traffic management in the Sites;
  • Contact the USER, including matters regarding the service, customer service or marketing communications allowed through any available means of communication;
  • Undertake research initiatives and perform analyses to improve services;
  • To enforce the Terms of Use, including the fight against fraud and any wrongdoing.

OSUCATEIRO reserves the right to retain the USER’s data and any communications made through the “contact us” form for the period that it deems necessary for the proper performance of its business, even after the termination of the USER’s account, unless expressly stated by the USER in the minimum period of data protection required by law.

Subject to applicable legal provisions, the USER authorizes OSUCATEIRO to inform and/or disclose its data provided and/or collected in case of legal requirement or reasonably necessary to: a) comply with due process of law; b) enforce the Terms of Use; c) respond to allegations of alleged violation of third party rights and undue disclosure of third party contact information and to protect the rights, property or safety of third parties or OSUCATEIRO and its USERS.

In order to improve the Services and to protect the privacy and the Personal Information of the USER, OSUCATEIRO may use the data of the USER to determine whether or not to comply with this Policy and the applicable Terms of Use.

OSUCATEIRO may use automated technological methods to identify, among messages exchanged between USERS, any information that may breach or bring about any suspected violation of the Terms of Use or current legislation. The identification referred to in this clause will be made exclusively through automated technological tools, with no human access to the messages as a rule, subject to the strictly necessary assumptions set out in the applicable Terms of Use and the current legislation. Nevertheless, there may be the access to such Messages by OSUCATEIRO when it is required by law or court order to intercept the Messages. In addition, in case of denunciation, by another USER, of conduct in violation or with indications of violation of the Terms of Use to the legislation, the Complainant may, voluntarily and for his/her own option, disclose the said communication to OSUCATEIRO.

The USER hereby declares to be aware that OSUCATEIRO assumes no responsibility in case of the theft, loss, alteration or misuse of your personal information and the contents made available on the SITE.


OSUCATEIRO may share the information collected with affiliated companies (companies under the same control and ownership) or groups of entities providing the Service together, located in any other country. These companies may only process and use this information to support the purposes described above and are bound by this Privacy Policy.

The USER hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees that the database may be totally or partially assigned or transferred to third parties, provided that the purpose of continuing the activity provided by OSUCATEIRO is respected, or if there is a legal obligation to do so.

OSUCATEIRO does not share the USER’s Data with unaffiliated parties, unless it obtains specific authorization from the USERS to do so, or in the circumstances described below:

  • Use of Service Providers, in order to contribute to the offer of services, cannot use personal information, and shall be subject to the terms of this Policy;
  • Sharing of information with public or private authorities that allow us to fight against fraud and abuse on the SITE, investigation of suspected violations of the law, or against any other suspected breach of the Terms of Use or the Law;
  • Sharing personal information with the government authorities when required by the applicable law;
  • If the service provided by OSUCATEIRO, or by one of its division, is reorganized or sold, there will be a transfer of all or a substantial part of the assets to the new owner, at which point your personal information may be transferred to the buyer, regardless of USER’s authorization to guarantee the continuity of the Service;
  • Sharing certain non-personal information (data that does not identify USERS individually) with third party service providers, trusted partners or approved researchers, in order to better understand which advertisements and services may interest you, to improve quality and the general effectiveness of our Services or their service, or to contribute to academic research.

6.         USER CONTROL.

6.1.     Access, correction and exclusion.

The USER who created a Register or Announcement with OSUCATEIRO, may request correction or deletion of the information provided, by filling out the form in the “contact us” menu located on the SITE.

The informed email cannot be changed, and only one email for each account is allowed to be registered. The USER is responsible for correcting the data provided or published with the SITE, as well as for keeping it up to date.

If the account has been created through an identity provider (e.g., Facebook Connect), the USER may disable or change the account information through the settings offered by this identity provider.

6.2.     Choosing Third Parties.

There are active third parties on our Site, such as Google AdWords, allowing the USER to disable the ads and use the information for targeted advertising based on interests. The USER may visit and to learn more about this practice and make choices about how this type of information can be collected and used.

6.3.     Cookies.

Most computer and mobile browsers (such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera) offer controls that allow the USER to limit or block the installation of cookies on his/her system. The USER may disable cookies in his/her browser, both own cookies (websites that you have visited) and third-party cookies (other companies than those you have visited online), however, some tools functionality will not work well.

6.4.     Collecting data blocks.

The USER may limit the information that OSUCATEIRO may collect/store about himself/herself. To do so, the USER must access the “contact us” section located on our SITE and request the limitation and/or editing the information provided. It is important to clarify that the email informed cannot be changed, being allowed to inform only one email for each account. However, some information is necessary and mandatory to enable the use of the SITE, thus excluding or blocking certain information provided by the USER, the use of the SITE and Services may have a drop-in functionality in some cases.

7.        SECURITY.

All information collected by OSUCATEIRO is protected by reasonable technical means and security procedures in order to prevent unauthorized access or use of the data. Our affiliates, trusted partners and third-party service providers have committed to manage the information in accordance with OSUCATEIRO security and privacy requirements.


This policy was updated in June 2018. OSUCATEIRO may update this Policy periodically, and it is up to the USER to check the most current version at the moment of using the SITE. By continuing to use our Services, the USER confirms his/her acceptance of any updates to this Policy.

If OSUCATEIRO makes any material changes in this Policy with which the USER does not agree, it may discontinue the use of the Services.

9.         CONTACT.

Please contact us directly with any questions regarding this policy: